Basic things you need to know: You’re all currently at the small mining village of Reincale, mostly populated by Humans, Elves, and Half-Elves. If you are of an exotic race there’s a nearby large trade capital called Mennes and various other small villages in the country.

Your country, and indeed most of your world is mostly mundane. There are monsters and magic, but very few people have heroic powers. That all changes for your party when a Planar Rift opens near Reincale and the astral winds from within wreak havoc on the countryside. Various citizens, wildlife and monsters are affected and begin to manifest powers. That is how you each enter the Heroic Tier.

Since you’ve had very little time to come to grips with your new powers, and they did not come naturally, there will be some random effects on particularly good or bad attack rolls. You’ll see.

Oh, also, very few Gods are of an influence in your world. It’s part of the larger 4E multiverse, but there is a reason for this. Just hold off on anything Deity-related until I post more information.

When the game starts we will have a brief chat, where we talk about our characters and how they relate to each other. Then we do a thing.

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