Idiots Club

Session Four - Days 2-3

Mojo has strange dreams that night, that a platinum dragon burns the entire party alive in a shower of blue fire. Returning to the town, they find a mysterious traveler named Togaken watching a pitched battle taking place amongst the townspeople. Undead have overrun Farcon!

Enlisting Togaken’s aid, the party defeats the undead but some of the townspeople are captured in the process and taken to the nearby large tomb. In the tomb they find amongst the numerous undead a note which is encrypted. After translating the note, it reads thus:


They must continue to remain here for the time being. For now simply try to prevent involvement of the blue fire. Toril is at stake.

An agent has been given this note as well as instructions to place equipment nearby. He is a trustworthy man and you may use him for a task. Burn this note. I have confidence in you.


Proceeding into the tomb, the party finds numerous puzzles and dozens of skeletons and zombies. They rescue all the townspeople successfully and locate a crate in the middle of the tomb. Upon opening the lid of the crate, it bursts open and a beholder is found waiting inside. One of its eyestalks is a solid red eye – another immortality gem.

After defeating the beholder, the eyestalk comes to life and begins attacking the party.

Ripplely absorbs the immortality gem after the battle without much fuss. Afterwards, Togaken teaches him one of his secret undead fighting techniques. The people of Farcon begin actively scouting out news for the party and have attracted the attention of several mercenaries. The party waits in Farcon, ready to move at a moment’s notice.

Session Three - Day 2

The party returns to the forest and finds the cave. Inside they simply find a rock wall with a number of holes. Translating some nearby magical runes, the party realizes that the wall will open if their fingers are inserted into the holes. At least two fingers from two separate people are needed. Mari proceeds inside once the others have put their fingers in the holes. Inside are two magical circles on the ground that need live people to stand on them in order to proceed past the next rock wall. Shortly thereafter there is a cave-in in the entrance and the party is unable to leave.

Realizing what must be done, Mojo asks Ripplely to slice off his finger while it is inserted into the hole. Ripplely accepts, and then returns to his duties in the wall. After giving himself first aid, Mojo proceeds through the final rock wall and finds a glowing orb – the immortality gem.

Touching the gem sends Mojo’s mind to a dining hall, where at the other end of the table lies the Baron. The Baron simply stares at Mojo, attempting to dominate his mind and divine his secrets. Mojo’s confidence wins out, and the dining hall begins to break apart and the false reality tears itself asunder. Mojo awakens in the physical realm finding that the immortality gem has been absorbed into his own body.

Heading back to the cavern entrance, Mojo finds he is able to easily lift the rocks thanks to the gem’s power. The party sets up camp back where they slayed the goblins, and plan their next move.

Session Two - Days 1-2.

In the sewer system of Repol the party finds a large group of goblins living in a ruined chamber set in the underground tunnels. The party clears out the denizens and escape with the treasure. The grateful tavernkeep allows them to stay in his best rooms for free.

The party is awakened during the night by mysterious shadow creatures who burn in the sunlight. After defeating them the party sneaks downstairs to see that the tavern is filled with strange henchmen of the Baron, apparently waiting for the shadow creatures to confirm whether the party is there. After making small talk with the henchmen, pretending they are not the people they’re looking for, the party breaks into a fight aided by the town blacksmith who Ripplely contacts telepathically. One of the henchmen gets away during the battle.

Afterwards, the party decides to leave the town and begin searching the forest for the immortality gems. Seeking aid from the town, the party learns that the Dragonborn priest of the village has a brother he’s worried about, because he hasn’t returned. The party agrees to look for the brother.

On the way to a nearby cave, the party spots a large entourage of goblins carrying a bound young black dragon. Deciding to take on the goblins, the party sends Mojo to assert leadership over the small goblin tribe. He challenges the leader, a shaman, to a magical duel to win the role of leader. The duel begins but the shaman immediately creates a cloud of smoke and Mojo is attacked by the tribe. The battle begins in earnest.

After slaying the goblins, the party decides to free the dragon. They cautiously approach him and begin removing his bindings. As soon as his wings are unbound, the dragon glares at the party and takes off towards the town. Fearing the worst, they return to town but find no damage done. After searching the temple the party finds out that the black dragon they rescued was the priest’s brother.

Day One - Session One

At a tavern in a town called Repol, the party is enjoying the festive atmosphere when a maiden rushes in shouting that the local Baron is capturing the townsfolk violently. The players’ newly befriended Dwarven ally, Kildrak, takes cover behind a table as do many of the townsfolk still remaining in the tavern.

As the party spots the Baron’s men approaching the tavern, a plan is put into action: Ripplely sends his Goblin slave Mojo to greet the Baron’s men and say that no one is home. This plan falls flat on its face as the brigands grab Mojo and begin searching him. Ripplely comes to his servant’s rescue, blasting the men dead with holy vengeance.

The party questions the barkeep about the Baron’s motives, only to realize that the Baron is likely a vampire. After ransacking the town for medical supplies, they storm into the Baron’s fortress only to be greeted by a simple stone chamber. The only object in the room seems to be an altar with a book on it.

Ripplely immediately runs forward and grabs the book, setting off a trap. The walls of the chamber begin closing in. They realize that under the book is a combination of buttons, and after a tense couple of minutes manage to puzzle out the correct combination to stop the trap. They also find that the buttons open passages to prison cells where the townspeople are being kept.

After questioning some of the townsfolk, the party meets a young mage who knows all about the Baron. The mage doesn’t believe the party is ready to accept the responsibility of the Baron’s secret, but Ripplely manages to convince him by showing off his muscled chest. The Baron has apparently achieved near-immortality from Tiamat through eight magical gems that amplify his already substantial regenerative powers from his vampirism. Only by disposing of the gems can the party even consider defeating the Baron.

As the mage hands over two powerful artifacts – an egg that once shattered can reverse time by eight hours, and a rod that is attuned to the immortality gems to show when the party is close to one – the Baron advances from a secret passage into the cell. The mage gives up his life to make it seem as though the secret of the Baron’s powers have died with him as the Baron murders him violently.

The party heads off to the nearby town of Farcon, where the young mage originally found one of the immortality gems in one of the tombs before he was captured. After being warned by the townsfolk of the powerful undead lurking in their graveyard, the party seeks magical weapons in a ruin located underground near the tavern’s sewer system.


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