Idiots Club

Session Four - Days 2-3

Mojo has strange dreams that night, that a platinum dragon burns the entire party alive in a shower of blue fire. Returning to the town, they find a mysterious traveler named Togaken watching a pitched battle taking place amongst the townspeople. Undead have overrun Farcon!

Enlisting Togaken’s aid, the party defeats the undead but some of the townspeople are captured in the process and taken to the nearby large tomb. In the tomb they find amongst the numerous undead a note which is encrypted. After translating the note, it reads thus:


They must continue to remain here for the time being. For now simply try to prevent involvement of the blue fire. Toril is at stake.

An agent has been given this note as well as instructions to place equipment nearby. He is a trustworthy man and you may use him for a task. Burn this note. I have confidence in you.


Proceeding into the tomb, the party finds numerous puzzles and dozens of skeletons and zombies. They rescue all the townspeople successfully and locate a crate in the middle of the tomb. Upon opening the lid of the crate, it bursts open and a beholder is found waiting inside. One of its eyestalks is a solid red eye – another immortality gem.

After defeating the beholder, the eyestalk comes to life and begins attacking the party.

Ripplely absorbs the immortality gem after the battle without much fuss. Afterwards, Togaken teaches him one of his secret undead fighting techniques. The people of Farcon begin actively scouting out news for the party and have attracted the attention of several mercenaries. The party waits in Farcon, ready to move at a moment’s notice.



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