Idiots Club

Session Three - Day 2

The party returns to the forest and finds the cave. Inside they simply find a rock wall with a number of holes. Translating some nearby magical runes, the party realizes that the wall will open if their fingers are inserted into the holes. At least two fingers from two separate people are needed. Mari proceeds inside once the others have put their fingers in the holes. Inside are two magical circles on the ground that need live people to stand on them in order to proceed past the next rock wall. Shortly thereafter there is a cave-in in the entrance and the party is unable to leave.

Realizing what must be done, Mojo asks Ripplely to slice off his finger while it is inserted into the hole. Ripplely accepts, and then returns to his duties in the wall. After giving himself first aid, Mojo proceeds through the final rock wall and finds a glowing orb – the immortality gem.

Touching the gem sends Mojo’s mind to a dining hall, where at the other end of the table lies the Baron. The Baron simply stares at Mojo, attempting to dominate his mind and divine his secrets. Mojo’s confidence wins out, and the dining hall begins to break apart and the false reality tears itself asunder. Mojo awakens in the physical realm finding that the immortality gem has been absorbed into his own body.

Heading back to the cavern entrance, Mojo finds he is able to easily lift the rocks thanks to the gem’s power. The party sets up camp back where they slayed the goblins, and plan their next move.



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