Idiots Club

Day One - Session One

At a tavern in a town called Repol, the party is enjoying the festive atmosphere when a maiden rushes in shouting that the local Baron is capturing the townsfolk violently. The players’ newly befriended Dwarven ally, Kildrak, takes cover behind a table as do many of the townsfolk still remaining in the tavern.

As the party spots the Baron’s men approaching the tavern, a plan is put into action: Ripplely sends his Goblin slave Mojo to greet the Baron’s men and say that no one is home. This plan falls flat on its face as the brigands grab Mojo and begin searching him. Ripplely comes to his servant’s rescue, blasting the men dead with holy vengeance.

The party questions the barkeep about the Baron’s motives, only to realize that the Baron is likely a vampire. After ransacking the town for medical supplies, they storm into the Baron’s fortress only to be greeted by a simple stone chamber. The only object in the room seems to be an altar with a book on it.

Ripplely immediately runs forward and grabs the book, setting off a trap. The walls of the chamber begin closing in. They realize that under the book is a combination of buttons, and after a tense couple of minutes manage to puzzle out the correct combination to stop the trap. They also find that the buttons open passages to prison cells where the townspeople are being kept.

After questioning some of the townsfolk, the party meets a young mage who knows all about the Baron. The mage doesn’t believe the party is ready to accept the responsibility of the Baron’s secret, but Ripplely manages to convince him by showing off his muscled chest. The Baron has apparently achieved near-immortality from Tiamat through eight magical gems that amplify his already substantial regenerative powers from his vampirism. Only by disposing of the gems can the party even consider defeating the Baron.

As the mage hands over two powerful artifacts – an egg that once shattered can reverse time by eight hours, and a rod that is attuned to the immortality gems to show when the party is close to one – the Baron advances from a secret passage into the cell. The mage gives up his life to make it seem as though the secret of the Baron’s powers have died with him as the Baron murders him violently.

The party heads off to the nearby town of Farcon, where the young mage originally found one of the immortality gems in one of the tombs before he was captured. After being warned by the townsfolk of the powerful undead lurking in their graveyard, the party seeks magical weapons in a ruin located underground near the tavern’s sewer system.



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